Monday, August 4, 2014

Doggie love!

Well..... this was supposed to post yesterday, but I must not have scheduled it!  LOL  Such is my life.  Hope you enjoy! 

Today, I want to thank God for dogs.  They really make me happy. I am the proud mom of 2 rescued fur-babies, Wyatt and Dyson.  Wyatt is a Dachshund & Chihuahua mix, and Dyson is part Border Collie, part crazy.  I love 'em both to pieces!  Here they are!

Wyatt, my first baby!

                                                      Dyson, part Collie, part crazy! :)

As we speak, my hubby, our two boys and I are on our way home from vacation.  We get to visit my in-laws twice a year, and take our dogs with us.  (Hopefully they are sleeping peacefully on the trip home.  Say a prayer for us. [In a side note, we are home and the boys were great!])  My in-laws are big dog lovers, and have three themselves.  Junior, their most recent is a rescue.  My father-in-law saw what he thought was a fox running across the road.  When he stopped and opened the door to check it out, in jumps Junior! Super scrawny, mangy, underfed, Dad gook him home and he's been theirs ever since.  Junior is a hand-full, though, I'll tell ya that.  He has two speeds - "100 mph" and "stop".  He's hyper, a space invader and CRAZY!!! But I love that dog. So full of love, so grateful for his people, so happy.  I'm gonna miss that hyper dog!  Here's cousin Junior, how cute is he??  :)

Junior, at a slow moment in time.
Any of you have pets that bring you happiness? Share your pics with me and tell me how they bless your life!

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