Monday, August 18, 2014

Remember to breathe....

I heard a joke once - "How do you eat an elephant?"  "One bite at a time." 

It's been running through my head for the past few weeks.  Why?  I've been packing our apartment and moving it, bit by bit, to our new home.  It would seem that, as small as our current living space is, it would not be difficult to pack up everything and move. I've moved A LOT with my family, as a single woman, and twice with my husband, but this one is wearing me out.  It should be a joyous time, I mean, I'm moving into my first home!  But it's been a huge source of stress, in all honesty.

I prefer to move like you're ripping off a Band-Aid. Fast. Pack it all up, put everything in a moving van, take ONE trip, unload everything, spend weeks unpacking.  It sucks, but it's over fairly quickly.  My hubby, not so much.  He would prefer to take everything from one room in the old place and then set it up where it needs to go in the new place. MULTIPLE trips.  Have I ever told you how I hate multiple trips? Ugh.  However, when you have a hubby that works 7 days a week and I am trying to balance my growing business, sometimes the less than optimal moving situation arises.

So, tonight we have a moving van. My hubby and a very cool volunteer from his work are going to load a lot of our heavy furniture and move it to our new home. My fun job today is to make sure everything is ready for those pieces to be moved and that we are ready to (finally) spend the first night in our new home.  I'll need to make sure everything from our bedroom, bathroom and kitchen are in place so that tomorrow morning there is no lack of stuff for the hubs to get ready for work and I have no lack of coffee! Doesn't seem like too much, except that I also had a huge number of orders come in last week, we won't have internet until the end of the month in the new house (thanks, Comcast!), and it promises rain tonight.  Everything added together is making my head hurt and dread today.  Seriously dread today.

But then one of my sweet friends posted this on Facebook:
Wow, did I ever need that. Remember to breathe.  Seems so simple, doesn't it?  But I completely stopped and took a deep breath when I read it. I took another one right now.  You take one - just stop, close your eyes and take a deep breath.  Feels good, doesn't it?  Take another one. Focusing on taking deep breaths can actually help if you're having stress or anxiety.  So I will take another, and try to focus on what REALLY needs to be done today.  I will allow everything else to fall by the wayside and make tomorrow's action plan tomorrow. And pray for no rain while the guys are moving today. And enjoy the fact that the moving process gets us out of a rental, and into our new home!
One bite at a time.......   ;)

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